Ellen Silverberg

Award winning painter and animal lover, Ellen Silverberg, found what truly makes her happy: painting animal portraits.

With a degree in painting from the prestigious The Cooper Union in N.Y., and a career in art spanning 35 years, Ms. Silverberg has concentrated her talents on creating amazingly lifelike animal portraiture. Her unusual ability to psychically connect with her animal subjects, be it in person or through owner supplied photographs, produces paintings rich with the personality and distinctive expressions of her  diverse models.

Her work has been featured in articles in “Town and Country” and “Animal Fair” magazines and she continues to donate her work to many of her favorite animal charities for their fund raising drives.

Listed in the "Who's Who in American Art" since the mid 1970's, she is now, also a member of the American Kennel Club Museum of The Dog Artist's Registry. One of her canine originals was displayed in the museum’s prestigious member’s exhibition during the Spring of 2001.

In September 2015, Ellen moved her residence and studio to south Florida where she continues to paint her favorite hairy, fuzzy and winged subjects.

Most recently, Ellen's work has been chosen for inclusion in the AKC's annual showcase Canine Portrait Gallery, and will be illustrated in the "AKC Family Dog" and "AKC Gazette" magazines.